Sarah K. Masterson
Sarah K. Masterson
Cause-Driven Copywriting & Messaging Strategy

Cause-Driven Messaging Strategy
& Copywriting

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Inspired audiences respond with
“Me, too!”
and “I’m IN!”
instead of “So what?”

What if you could strike a memorable chord in a noisy world?
What if you could move more people to action?
What if you could create enduring emotional connection to your brand or cause?
What if you brought in more money?

For 20+ years, Sarah has helped nonprofits and cause-driven for-profits do just that.

As a senior consultant, she delivers custom-crafted messaging strategy and copywriting.
Get ready to delight more donors. (Or convert more customers.)
Raise more funds. (Or sell more of whatcha got that makes lives better.)
Fulfill your brand’s promise and potential.


Sarah can help:



Unite your team and strike the right chord with your audiences through comprehensive brand messaging. A Message Platform provides deep understanding of and empathy with your audiences, gives you consistent and cohesive language to re-purpose again and again across channels, centers your brand identity to build your credibility, and makes your work more efficient and effective.


Copy that connects with the target audience at an emotional level and inspires action. Storytelling that humanizes your brand and impact, amplifies your WHY, and creates affinity with your audience. You need all of these. And all of these need a skilled, seasoned writer. One who understands what turns observers into do-ers.



Great nonprofit leaders know: Every fundraising plan needs skilled, donor-centered messaging strategy and copywriting to succeed. Donors long for an authentic, human connection to a cause they care about where they feel seen, effective, and valued. Donors need to know how their gifts are making a difference — and not just once or twice a year when you ask for money. A donor communications pro helps you do it right, minus the overwhelm, waste, and frustration.

Clear, compelling, “this speaks to ME” messaging:

Your audiences expect it.
Your bottom line demands it.
You’re lost without it.

With the help of a skilled messaging strategist and senior copywriter, you’re ready to win.
We have stuff to talk about. Let’s get acquainted!