Sarah Klein Masterson, Communications Consultant

Your message on a mission.

Inspired listeners respond with
“Me, too!”
instead of “Who cares?”

What if you could strike a memorable chord in a noisy world?
What if you could move more people to action?
What if you could create enduring emotional connection to your cause?

For more than 20 years, Sarah Klein Masterson has helped nonprofits do just that through communications strategy, impact storytelling, and expertly-crafted messaging delivered at the right time to the right people.

Why this investment?
Why now?

Communications is no longer just a support to mission-driven work.
It IS the work.

Listening to, understanding, and engaging with our key audiences is mission fulfillment.
It’s the channel through which all our work flows. It touches everyone who matters and every outcome.

What could happen if you really invested in communications?
What if you had the help of a skilled strategist, writer, and relationship-builder?
Let’s get acquainted!