About Sarah

I believe in communication’s transformative power. I help hardworking, mission-driven leaders and organizations make that power their own.

When did you find your calling? I started early, when I noticed that community service made me happy, whether trick-or-treating for UNICEF, making toys for shelter pets, selling cookies for Girl Scouts, or organizing book drives. Telling the stories that brought abstract causes to life and convinced people to join me was my favorite thing. And still is.

So I made it my job:

As a professional writer for 25 years, I’ve seen the potential of language to foster lasting, loyal connections and inspire action.

As a former college instructor of rhetoric, I know why audience is everything and strategy is essential — the right message to the right people in the right place and time.

As a former reporter and editor, I understand PR and media relations from the other side of the fence.

With deep experience in the nonprofit sector, I REALLY GET the challenges you face. I’ve been there: through the ranks of staff roles, as a board member, an advisory council member, a volunteer, a donor — and for the past 14 years, as a consultant trusted by mission-driven teams to help them get meaningful outcomes with greater ease.

My diverse experience has given me perspective from every angle. I’ve served fledgling startups, revered 100-year-old institutions, community-based, national, and international nonprofits of nearly every shape and size. I’ve worked with foundations, coalitions, grassroots organizations, founders, public institutions and government agencies. I’ve worked with and for branding/marketing agencies, socially-conscious entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized companies. I’ve collaborated with creative vendors and consulting firms. And I’ve nurtured productive relationships with media.

Over the years I’ve served as an outsourced communications director and an interim communications director, coached interns and counseled executives, contributed to and led projects and campaigns, and crafted messages that got noticed and made lives better.

In ever-shifting terrain for both communications and social good sector, I’m always learning. Sharing that learning partnership with clients is the best reward. My work is about trusting, transformative relationships. Clients say they value my integrity, empathy, and ability to share a laugh, alongside my communications skill sets.

Currently based in Austin, I spent nearly 10 years in the Washington, DC area and still work with many DC-based clients. In fact, I remotely serve clients dispersed coast-to-coast.

When not working, I’m with family and friends. You’ll often find me volunteering with my kids. Travel, yin yoga, our cat Poppy, and a cup of Earl Grey are a few of my favorite things.

I bet we have stuff to talk about. Let’s get to know each other!